Base64 Encoder

Convert Plain Text to Base64 Encoded Text

How To Convert A String/Text to Base64 Encoded String/Text With This EncoderTool?

In this section, you will learn how to use this tool to convert a text to base64 encoded text.

Steps To Use This Base64 Encoder Tool

  1. Enter or paste the text/string/number in the Text input box.
  2. The input will be automatically encoded and will be displayed in the Encoded Text output box.
  3. For a quick copy, use the Copy button to copy the encoded text to the clipboard.
  4. Use the Clear buttons in the respective boxes to clear either input or output texts.
  5. Use the Clear All button to clear both input and output texts.

What Is Base64 Encoding?

Base64 encoding is a process of converting characters into universal ASCII characters which consists of only below characters.

  1. Uppercase Letters (A-Z)
  2. Lowercase Letters (a-z)
  3. Numbers (0-9)
  4. Symbols (+ and -)


You can refer below resources to know more about Base64 Encoding and Decoding.

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